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Two people are closely related to Catania's history: Frank Catania, a born entrepreneur, and his son Paolo, a real estate developer, who is currently the president of all of Groupe Catania's businesses.

1963 – Carving a niche

Born in Sicily, Frank Catania settled in Canada in 1962. One year later, he set up his first company, called Jardiniers Modernes, which later became J.M. Asphalte in 1971, and then Catcan Inc. in 1976.

Specializing in landscaping at the very beginning, the company then expanded its activities to civil engineering, carrying out infrastructure work (water supply systems, sewers and roads).

At the time, this type of work done by the company often seemed less profitable and which the construction industry in general was reluctant to get involved in it. The company therefore acquired experience that enabled it to carve an enviable niche for itself in its area of activities.

In 1987, Paolo Catania established Construction Frank Catania et associés Inc., with his father, Frank Catania. The company, which located in the industrial park in Brossard, also worked in the field of civil engineering.

Over the next 10 years, while making its way through the economic recession of the late eighties and early nineties, the company enjoyed substantial growth, affirmed its leadership on the island of Montreal and the South Shore and adopted a new vision.

1998 was another major turning point for Catania. Paolo recruited and surrounded himself with engineers and estimators in order to further expand the services he offered. From then on, the company was able to respond to very large-scale calls for tender and therefore land major contracts that helped it achieve even more outstanding growth.

Paolo Catania could now rely on this very solid foundation to totally devote his efforts to real estate and to expanding business, making it possible for Catania to complete one of the most important steps in its development.

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